Change is a Part of Life

The Patchplay Partners, Kaye and Lori, regret to announce that we will no longer be selling downloadable patterns on our website or offering free patterns and a monthly newsletter each month.  We have had to take a step back from Patchplay to refocus our limited time, energy, and resources on other priorities.  Our website will still be online, and all of the patterns we have designed for Patchplay will now be available FREE as a download.  We will, as time and circumstances allow, blog, put up more free patterns and possibly have an occasional newsletter, but as of January 1,2013, we will no longer be sending out a monthly newsletter and free pattern or designing new patterns for sale.

We will continue monthly newsletters throughout the rest of 2012 so you can finish up your Jingle Bell Square Block of the Month Quilt.   We still would love to see pictures of any finished quilts you have made, and we will post them on our website. 

Thank you for your support.  See you  in the quilting world!

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